Kisses and Peppers

I had a friend that is a really attractive guy who on the surface appears like the total ideal package.

Then I discovered a pretty significant hole in the tapestry…

…he kissed like a bird.  Specifically, imagine making out with a parrot.

We had both gone out with a group of people, one thing led to another, and next thing you know we’re making out.  I’ve had some awkward kissers in the past (I’ll tell those stories later), but this wins, hands down, for being the absolute worst I’ve ever experience.  Ever.  It felt like I was being attacked by a parrot’s beak over and over again and you couldn’t escape from it.

I quickly came up with some excuse to end the misery, but to this day I still shudder a bit inside whenever he pops up on my facebook news feed.

Sweeter than a Kiss Roasted Peppers

I think that any vegetable is made better by roasting it in the oven.  These are great as a side dish or they really help dress up leftovers- I’ll chop them up, add in some leftover chicken or seafood, and mix with rice or pasta for a quick and healthy meal.


  • 1 lb sweet baby peppers (normally sold in 1-2 lb packages for ~$3 per lb)
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic salt
  • Pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Clean peppers with a damp paper towel and place in a shallow roasting dish (preferably one with a rack)
  3. Drizzle olive oil onto peppers, followed by freshly grated pepper and a sprinkling of garlic salt.
  4. Roast in the oven for approximately 30 minutes until the peppers give to touch and the skin looks slightly wrinkly.

6 thoughts on “Kisses and Peppers

  1. I agree w/ you on roasting, a great way to enhance flavours. I have a great method I think you’d love for yams (way more satisfying than parrot kissing).

    1. My amazing yam discovery happened one Thanksgiving when I forgot all about my yams, which got pushed back in the oven rack and left for hours. When company came and I took dinner out of the oven and omg the “that is where the went yams” out. My company could not believe the candy tasting yams and wanted to know my secret. Um, dumb is my secret. Here’s what to do…Wash yams well, pat dry and poke holes in yams w/ fork. Wrap each one in foil with foil seal facing up. Place on baking pan for 35 minutes @ 450 then 1 hour @ 375. Do not even think about taking those yams out until you squeeze them and they feel very very soft. The pan will allow the yams to cook while keeping your stove clean, this is key, so do keep the yams in as long as your oven needs to make them soft when squeezed. When the yams are done and you open the foil they will appear to be roasted on the bottomed and so mushy soft and sweet your guest will insist you put butter and sugar on them.

  2. thequickanddirtycook December 29, 2011 — 7:47 pm

    love your commentary! i do a lot of roasting vegetables – especially in the winter. you’ll find a lot of ideas on my blog. look forward to reading your posts … Ashley

  3. blowingoffsteamandmore December 16, 2012 — 11:23 am

    No, no, NO! Not the parrot kiss. That’s the worst. Sorry you had to endure that. Blech.

    1. Yeah it’s definitely not something I ever care to repeat.

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