Hallucinations and Frittatas

People like to offer me their son’s hands in marriage. Unfortunately, I can never take them seriously.

When I was on my Psychiatry rotation, I did 2 weeks on Psych consults. Now, when most people think of psychiatry, they think of crazy people in a psych ward with soft padded walls. What you don’t realize is that you can only be in a psych ward if you have no other medical conditions, and that many of the drugs that we give patients to treat their medical conditions or relieve pain after surgery can cause “drug induced psychosis.”

Such was the case with one particular patient. For him, the drugs we had to give him to treat his condition had also induced a week of mania. He kept talking very quickly and kept professing his love to his entire medical team, to the point where he had to be restrained in bed to prevent him from constantly hopping out (and potentially injuring himself and others) to run down the hall and hug people.

He also thought that he was the King of England and was head of the United States Navy. I was offered the spot of Princess and my own ship.

The first time we entered his room, he made all of us line up so he could evaluate us, and then he pointed at me.

Patient: You!

Me (questioning): Me?

Patient: You are perfect for my son!

Me (confused): Me?

Patient: You will be a princess!

Me (surprised): Me?

Patient: And you will have both a husband and a ship!

Me (incredulous): Huh?

Patient: He is 35 and has never not failed at a relationship, but you’re going to be a doctor so you will be perfect. Besides, you will be a princess! And have your own ship!

Wife: Unfortunately, he’s not hallucinating about our son’s relationship issues. (to her husband) Honey, our son is 45. And he might have better dating luck if he didn’t still live at home with us or got a job.

We went through this on a daily basis until the son was finally there during one of our visits.

And the wife was totally correct in her assessment.

Meet the Parents Caprese Frittata

no oven required!


  • 10 in nonstick pan with lid
  • Olive oil spray
  • 10 grape tomatoes, chopped in half
  • 2-3 oz fresh mozzarella, diced to the same size as the tomatoes
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tbsp pesto
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • Fresh-cracked Pepper
  • Salt


  1. Spray 10 inch pan with olive oil (put your own in a spray bottle- it’s healthier!)
  2. Place pan over medium-low heat. Add tomatoes.
  3. Mix together eggs, pesto, and milk. Add a few twists of fresh-cracked pepper.
  4. Pour egg mixture on top of tomatoes. Arrange pieces of mozzarella artfully across the dish (this might take 1-2 minutes, but that’s okay!).
  5. Cover with lid and cook for 5-7 minutes or until eggs are set.
  6. Slide out of pan, cut into wedges, and serve! Salt if desired (the addition of the pesto normally means you don’t need it)

Note: If you are using a 12-in pan, increase ingredients to 15 tomatoes, 3-4 oz mozzarella, 4 eggs, 3 tbsp pesto, and 2 tbsp milk. If your eggs are on the smaller size, increase by an additional egg.


75 thoughts on “Hallucinations and Frittatas

  1. I have had hallucinations from a good frittata! I love frittatas and his seems like a very simple easy recipe! My mother-in-law makes a killer frittata, with asparagus and potatoes…. The pan is essential to a good frittata as well. For me they are work, but again this one seems like a quick, yummy fix for a long process! Must try on my short list!

  2. Hysterical!

    Once, no joke, a friend of mine went out with this guy. They went to a Thai restaurant and everyone started freaking out, bowing and basically trying to massage his feet. She had no idea what was going on until she looked up and saw this big framed photo of the Thai Royal Family.

    Yep. She had managed to score a date with one of the sons of the Crown Prince of Thailand without knowing it.

    Her biggest mistake was dumping him before all her friends (ie. me) got to go to Thailand. I still feel that loss!

  3. I have nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award Please stop by oceannah.wordpress.com for details about collecting your award. It’s simple, not a gimmick, you just pay it forward to other blogs.  Have a great day!

  4. This recipe looks so delicious! I’ve never thought of making an omelette with mozzarella!! (how silly of me!!) and adding pesto to it…lovely!! Does the mozzarella become nice and oozy? it’s like an instant eggy pizza πŸ˜€

  5. Once again you have given me another wonderful recipe and a good laugh:) I’m sure you have experienced some pretty crazy things on rotation! Thanks again for the follow!

  6. Great story! Beautifully told. I work in a secondary school, so not many of the kids think I’m a Princess! Nevertheless if there were any tablets going around at the end of the day, it would probably be me taking them… Love the recipe. I’ll be trying it out.

  7. You gave up a chance to be a princess? Are you crazy? No wait, you can’t be or you’d be in the psych ward without a key. But hey, a ship too…
    Love this frittata recipe but do I really have to arrange the mozzarella artfully? I’m not so good at that.

      1. Well I would think being King of England & the US Navy probably made sense to him. Unfortunately your prince might not have been able to handle both jobs… or any job apparently. Think of the weird hats you would have been able to wear as a princess.

  8. i really enjoy reading your blogs. the combo of “funny stores + tasty recipes” is win-win! i have experience dealing with mental health as well.. i spent 3+ years working direct care in an in-patient mental health facility for teens 12-17… many of my experience aren’t quite as tame as this one.. but im sure you’ve seen/experience some escalated scenarios yourself. happy bloggin πŸ˜‰

  9. That’s awesome! I love psych patients, they are my favorite. The other day there was a guy I could hear yelling from my triage room that was screaming “I AM A SALAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  10. Being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. (Lady Di) – this will be tried out next week. Thanks for a great story and .. great recipe.

  11. Thanks so much for following my blog, it led me to yours! From what I have read so far I think I will enjoy reading your blog as soon as I get some time; you have a lot of posts! Lol

  12. This is awesome!!! Thanks for following me! This morning I just finished reading the book: Elephants on Acid. I believe (unless you have already read it) that you would love it! Crazy experiments, and even crazier researchers.

  13. Hi, thank you for checking out my blog and I appreciate the follow πŸ™‚ I am enjoying your stories and recipes. I actually love pesto with eggs, I do a similar version of your recipe but as an omelet; just put the pesto, cheese and tomatoes in the center and fold. I will be trying the frittata version next πŸ™‚

  14. My sister is doing her psyche rotation in college and is getting a lot of hugs. Finally some affection. Recipe looks great; anything with pesto is a winner with me.

  15. Love the story and will definitely try the recipe. After reading some of the other comments, I may have to try it with spargel (white asparagus) as it’s spargel season here in Mainz.

  16. my shrink always tries to get me answering her questions, so I prove her thesis. Thing is, do they really listen to what I say or do try to find some scattered words that fit their “theories”. I take the medicines, btw

  17. Your blog is a adorable! But oh my, as an ex-pat seeing the food you cook is pure torture. I have to stop looking once the story is over. Who knows when I’ll ever see mozzarella cheese again?

  18. That’s too funny! I recently had a similar experience but with female client who decided I would perfect for her son! But there was no psychosis, just a loving mother!
    Love frittatas!

  19. Thank god for the kooky in this world (in the nicest possible way and I count myself in that description) – absolutely hysterical. I want to ‘Like’ but dont have a FB page for my blog – but I’m really liking the stories and the recipes. Thank you!

  20. Sounds amazing πŸ˜€ I think the ‘princess’ compensates for the rest of it.

    Oooh–I can get fresh mozzerella on Saturdays, I’ll have to try that recipe. Thanks!

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