Anesthesia and Pulled Chicken

You know the joke about people who say embarrassing things after anesthesia?

I am one of those people.

Now, before you all panic, this does not happen to all people. This also doesn’t happen after all anesthesia- I’ve seen it happen mostly in those patients that just had those “conscious sedation” procedures such as colonoscopies and endoscopies. (A quick note- conscious sedation DOES NOT mean that you awake. It simply means that we don’t give you quit enough anesthesia to require us to stick a breathing tube down your throat.) We anesthesiologists and our fellow post-op and post-procedure extraordinaires do not take anything you take seriously when you are in the recovery period. That’s also why we give you a few minutes before we bring your families back.

Unfortunately for me, I am just too chatty for too long.

As part of my pre-surgical workup, I had to have a few of those “conscious sedation” procedures. My pre-op nurse was this older, crass gentleman who thought the best way to calm me down (hey, we get nervous, too! if anything, we get MORE nervous than you do, because we know everything that can go wrong!) was to tell me amusing stories.

In particular, he told me about a husband and wife who spent their time in pre-op trying to come up with the best way to describe just how small his penis and testicles were. Apparently the wife won by describing an exploration into her husband’s pants as trying to find some sort of small object (I unfortunately don’t remember what she said) in a large, dark basement.

I then was whisked off to the procedure suite, and the next thing I knew, I was in the recovery area with my friend sitting next to me.

I was also chatting away quite loudly, retelling the awkward husband and wife story that my pre-op nurse had told me. And then, I saw it- a glimmer of an expression on my friend’s face.

Me: I’m repeating myself, aren’t I?

She smirked and said, “Fourth time in a row for that story- not that I’m counting or anything.”

Me: And I’ve been talking in a loud voice, too, haven’t I?

Another smirk, and then, “You really don’t want to know the answer to that.”

Pre-and Post-Op Spicy Pulled Chicken

make this before your procedure, and it’ll be ready to eat once you get back!


  • 2 lbs chicken, frozen (I used boneless chicken breasts, but use whatever you like- just realize you’ll need to go up slightly on the weight of your chicken if you use bone-in)
  • 1 jalapeno pepper, sliced into thin rounds
  • 1 c honey barbeque sauce
  • 1/4 c sriracha
  • 1/4 c plain white vinegar
  • 1 tbsp worchestershire sauce
  • 1 tbsp Adobo seasoning
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1/2 tsp pepper


  1. In a crock pot, mix everything together but the chicken, and then place in the chicken pieces. Toss in the sauce.
  2. Cook for 2 hours on high or 4 hours on low.
  3. Remove chicken and use fork to shred. Return to sauce mixture and cook for an additional 30 minutes on high or 1 hr on low.

I think this is great on a toasted whole-wheat bun topped with coleslaw…or on a pizza (recipe to follow next week!)

P.S. Six days until I can cook again…not that I am counting or anything…


70 thoughts on “Anesthesia and Pulled Chicken

  1. Your stories are hilarious! And I love how you don’t exactly seque into your recipes, but it all just makes me happy. This site is brilliant!

  2. Congrats on a successful procedure. Heal!

    Just a question about blog aesthetics from my point of view: which part of the blog does the picture belong to? Top (gasp) or Bottom. For a split second I was thinking liposuction (I’m sorry about that, but I was!). I’ll go back to my basement now and look for something…

  3. The chicken looks great – but as a side note – don’t feel bad my friend had to be knocked out to get her broken hand reset apparently when she was out it cracked really really loudly when they set it and she sat straight up and said to the (very straight laced) Doctor really loudly “OUCH – That hurt – I’m going to spank you!” …. to the amusement of the rest of the staff in the room – lets just say the nurse couldn’t wait till my friend woke up to tell her what she said πŸ™‚

  4. Hahaha!!! Love this. (And the recipe, too!) A few months ago, I had to have a multiple-visit root canal and crown at the dentist. One day they really doped me up, and I had to REALLY hold myself together to keep from telling the dentist how incredibly hot his son is, who is also a dentist at the same office. (Well, he is!) The dentist left the room and I told the nurse, just to get it out of my system. She laughed and said they get that a lot. πŸ˜‰

  5. Hello Domestic Diva, M.D. – Unnatural Cook here – thanks for following my blog! I am profoundly amazed you cook, given your schedule. At least you were amusing to the other patients – when I had surgery I thought the nurse was trying to kill me. She must have really enjoyed that…

  6. My partner was coming out of anesthesia and she told me that she had pain “down there.” It turned out her catheter was not adjusted correctly and when the nurse tried to fix it she slurred her words; something about “sexual harassment.” The nurse looked alarmed but I assured her that this was my partner’s dry sense of humor trying to come through the drugs.
    Thanks for the post.

  7. OH… need a good hot pot meal to be ready after fours hours of Iaido/Kendo on Sunday mornings! Will try this next Sunday… sounds great!


  8. This makes me feel so much better! I don’t so much say things when I am in recovery, but during surgery it turns out that I am quite the entertainer; the total opposite of how I am in real life! I had conscious sedation twice for a medical device implant then 5 years later a removal, and both times at follow up post-op visits the Fellows in the department made sure to let me know how fun I was, and that I was the most entertaining patient that they had assisted on for surgeries! I still have no idea what I said and being the wallflower that I am… I don’t know if I ever want to be clued in! I’m glad that I’m not the only one. πŸ™‚

  9. Haha well that’s an original idea for a blog! Had some laughs with hubby who said he might not be able to eat after a traumatic birthing story πŸ™‚ I’m one of those people though, from the movies with a perfect birth where there was no screaming and it was filmed πŸ™‚ From my head perspective though, no crowning shots thanks! Ew. x Miss Kettie

  10. Excellent blog! So glad I found it, perfect combination of humor, food and “medical anecdotes”! πŸ™‚ I’m trying your recipes and hope you enjoy mine as well. I post “Save room for the dessert” once a week and would love to hear your comments.

  11. ha ha. I had conscious sedation lately I don’t think I said a thing. my friend who accompanied me then drove me home afterward was more nervous than me and chatting away about articles in magazine to me (I think she was instructed to get me to wake up). I enjoyed the “fake sleep” I wasn’t in a hurry in wake up.

  12. Made this for dinner tonight…it was wonderful!! I added an onion, some cayenne pepper, and had it on white rice. Man, does it deliver a good kick! Loved it!

  13. Your story made me laugh – I will have to try this recipe in the future but most definitely LOVED the “repeat” storyline – I work in medicine as a scrub and can remember this summer deliberately telling myself while being prepped on the OR Table prior to intubation (don’t talk, don’t talk,don’t talk) … don’t know how successful it was bc I was not at our hospital 😦

  14. Thanks for liking my post. Glad I stopped by here you crack me up. I am an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner so I have been laughing at your stories.

    AND I might just give some of these delish dishes a try. Although me and the kitchen aren’t the best of friends. My stomach is now growling and I think I’m going to have to perform a kitchen raid at 12AM. My waistline will hate you later πŸ™‚

    Good luck on finishing up your anes. residency!

  15. When I had my tonsils removed, my started confessing to my parents how I overslept and missed almost missed a final. When I had my colonoscopy, I don’t know what was said…they didn’t bring my mom in until I was mostly coherent to realize to shut up.

  16. Yum! I loved pulled anything. Though now I’m a little worried that I may always associate this recipe with a small penis.

  17. It seems to make me very argumentative (now some people might question how that would differ from a non-sedative state but some people have no manners) when I was 8 I had my tonsils out and back then they put you right out to do it. When I came to I argued quite fiercely with the recovery room nurse who had just informed me that I was in the recovery room that I was not in the recovery room – that this was in face that pre-op room and that they couldn’t just put me in the pre-op room, wait two minutes and then tell me I was in the recovery room – that’s madness! I wanted my tonsils out NOW! That went on for quite some time. Years later when I was about 29, I figured well surely I will tolerate anesthetic better, I needed to get a minor surgical procedure done but they had to put me under – when I came to I noticed the machine with my blood pressure, keeping in mind I have low blood pressure to start with, but for some reason I thought it was entirely too low, so I asked the nurse if it was too low and she said no that’s within the acceptable range, and then I disagreed, and well.. I think it’s just best if I don’t need any more surgeries ever. This ended with them covering me in many many blankets. That recipe on the other hand looks AMAZING!

  18. Thank you for coming to visit my new blog and being my first follower! πŸ˜€ Following you as well – loved this post – I am going to enjoy this πŸ˜€

  19. Hilarious! I am deathly afraid of anesthesia. I always watch those shows on TLC and Discovery about people waking up mid-surgery because the anesthesia wore off. Talk about a NIGHTMARE.

  20. I picked up my sister after she had her 4 wisdom teeth pulled, and on the way to the car in the wheel chair she was happily giggling something about Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Quite amusing!

  21. Lol, I too fall victim to verbal diarrhea after procedures. After my wisdom teeth I wouldn’t stop crying and asking why Ariel was sitting on my bed (yes, the Little Mermaid) and after my appendectomy I was so mad at all the nurses because I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t on vacation anymore and kept yelling at them! Thankfully they were all nice to me πŸ™‚

  22. I would love to try this recipe but can’t find Adobo seasoning. Do you know what is in it or what I can replace that with? Or maybe I can do without?

      1. Great stuff. Thank you both for the tips. I will try it, it looks like a great recipe .
        By the way. When I had my wisdom teeth out I wandered out of the ward and down the corridor still in my operating gown. The back had come undone so everyone had a good look at my bottom. The staff were very nice and a man on the geriatric ward next door sent me flowers.

  23. Freaking incredible! I made this with a local spicy bbq instead of the honey and spring garlic, and replaced adobe with a home blend. Holy moley!! This stuff is great and is gonna make some great stir fry later this week for lunch.

  24. I’m apparently one of those patients who loves everyone and thinks I’m staying at a luxury hotel while under anesthesia. nurses love me because i tell them how wonderful they are and remember them all by name! if only i could be so delightful without drugs!

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